Donna Decker

Miss Decker began a regimen of professional training at the age of four. She has studied under many renowned teachers and had the opportunity to dance with the Bolshoi Ballet when she was fourteen. She danced professionally with the Irine Fokine Ballet and has toured the East coast performing in productions of The Nutcracker, Sleeping  Beauty, Romeo and Juliet and Don Quixote. Miss Decker is a descendant of the famed Fokine ballet family, a name well known to ballet lovers. Ms. Decker’s great-uncle, Michael Fokine, is the celebrated father of contemporary ballet, who created Petrouchka, The Firebird, Les Sylphides and The Dying Swan. Her grandmother, Alex-andra Fedorova, studied at the famous Mariinsky Theater School in St. Petersburg, Russia. Upon graduation from the school, Madame Fedorova performed with Anna Pavlova and Vaslav Nijinsky in the Imperial Theater, today the Kirov Ballet. Ms. Decker’s mother, Irine Fokine, opened her school in Ridgewood, New Jersey in 1950 and still teaches today. She is the Artistic Director of the Irine Fokine Ballet.

Decker School of Ballet

Central New York is indeed fortunate to claim the Decker School of Ballet as it provides invaluable education in the art and discipline of classical dance. The School, which was founded in 1972. Ms. Decker’s teaching combines a thorough knowledge of classical conventions, ballet techniques and performance experience. She is a demanding yet compassionate teacher, upholding the high standards of her own training, and sensitive to the individual needs of her students. The Decker School of Ballet concentrates on classical ballet, the basis for many forms of dance. Children and adults who study ballet will develop concentration and stretch their physical capabilities through the discipline of the art form. The Decker School of Ballet offers professional training to all students: those who study for an artistic outlet and those who wish to pursue a career in dance.